03 April 2023 @ 10:55 pm

twenty-three with lady parts. engaged to someone she's known for 12 years. graduated with a bachelor's of english, focusing on business and professional writing. currently an employee at gamestop but hopes to become more involved in the freelance writing community online. proud owner of a moleskine planner. interested in photography, figurine collecting, blogging, writing, cooking and sleeping. rewards people with chicken wings and a beer. self-teaching japanese sort of. mostly interested in moe/seinen anime. touwa erio is her waifu, hatsune miku is her spirit moe. wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see. open about mostly everything. isn't afraid to cut a bitch. however, still an easy person to get along with. open to new friends, new adventures, and new points of interest. see what you like? feel free to add!

09 June 2012 @ 02:12 pm
so today my fiance and i ran to our local awesome anime store and found out that they had a tales of friends #3 blind box collection. we decided we'd try our luck to see if we could get one richard for me and one rita for him.
i lucked out, but he didn't. ;;
unfortunately, they had also mixed up the boxes from other #3 full boxes because they had been traveling to different conventions recently.
all of this is beside the point, however. the point is, we don't have much interest for the ones we bought (minus my richard) and so we'd like to sell them to hopefully make back the money we lost. 8(
all of them have been opened but have not been used. we literally just brought them home prior to writing this entry.

for a single one we'd like to ask for $15 plus shipping. depending on the popularity of it or the quantity we can negotiate a price if you'd like. if you're buying two or more, we'll take the shipping off of the price. preferred payment is with paypal. just feel free to comment to this post with your e-mail address and i'll contact you as soon as i can!

the keychains we currently have are as follows:
Alvin (x2)
Kratos (x1)
Judas (x1)
Emil (x2)
Raven (x1)

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!